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     Francisco Andrés Carrión is an American award-winning artist based in Houston, whose custom art commissions seek to communicate meaning or an emotional experience more than a literal representation of reality. His expressionistic portraits are defined by simple but effective strokes that capture the character and essence of the individual. The Artist covers a wide variety of subject matters and has collaborated many private and corporate clients to create custom art pieces that are displayed in commercial and residential settings throughout the world.

His exposure to art started at a very young age by his father, a curator and artist, and exhibited innate artistic abilities as a child. During his formative years, lived in Europe, South America and the United States, which provided him with a multicultural upbringing. After graduating from high school, completed studies in visual arts and communication, moving on to pursue degrees in chemistry and engineering. Aside from his passion for art, which he continues to develop, the artist leads a successful career as an engineer for prestigious Fortune 500 companies.